The research laboratory High frEquencies, metamateRials and nONlinear waves LABoratory (HERON LAB), was founded in 2019 and belongs in the Department of Physics of the University of Thessaly. The HERON LAB focuses on basic and technological research in the Microwave and High Frequency Communications, Metamaterials and Nonlinear Waves, Deep Space Communications and the Radio Astronomy technology. Special emphasis is given to research for the development of technologies in the fields of radio astronomy and deep space communications as HERON LAB is the main partner for the development and operation of the Greek Radio Telescope THERMOpYlae.

Faculty Members:

Post Doc Researchers
PHD Candidates
  • Athanasios Nikolaou, MSc
Technical Laboratory Staff

  • Sagias Konstantinos

Contact :
HERON LAB | Dept. of Physics | University of Thessaly
3rd km Old National Road Lamia- Athens, 35100 Lamia, Greece

e-mail: heronlab[at]uth[dot]gr