The Department
Κτ. Βιβλιοθήκης Π.Θ. Παραρτήματος Λαμίας
UTH Library (Lamia)

The Department of Physics of the University of Thessaly was established in 2019 and is located in the city of Lamia. It is part of the School of Sciences of the University of Thessaly.

The first students were admitted in September of 2019. The Curriculum aims to enable the Physics Department graduates to follow a future professional path based on their specific interests and talents. It also aims to provide the necessary knowledge for its graduates to work in evolving disciplines in the international scientific field, which, in addition, are of particular technological interest. There are four areas offering specializations in:

  • Theoretical Physics and Astrophysics
  • Nuclear Physics, Particle Physics, and Physics of Plasma
  • Condensed Matter Physics
  • Applied Physics-Electronic Physics

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