The laboratory

The Research Laboratory titled “Laboratory of Didactic of Physics in Secondary Education” (international name “Science Education Laboratory” – “SELar/”) was founded to serve the teaching and research needs of Physics teaching in the department of Physics. The operation of the laboratory is governed by its internal regulations

The Laboratory aims to:

  • Meet the didactic needs of the students of the  Department  at undergraduate and postgraduate level in the cognitive area of Physics teaching.
  • Meet the corresponding teaching needs of the students of other Departments of the University of Thessaly, if possible, and upon their request
  • To produce educational material, in printed and electronic form, in order to support students’ laboratory practice.
  • Conduct research that focuses on the teaching of Physics and more specifically on science teaching. To elaborate research programs with a focus on the teaching of Physics and an emphasis on Secondary Education
  • Collaborate and exchange scientific knowledge with other Academic or Research Laboratories of Departments of domestic or foreign Institutions in the framework of academic or research programs, provided that their scientific objectives coincide and complement one another.
  • Cooperate with other Research Laboratories of Public Bodies, Organizations, Institutes, Enterprises, municipalities, communities and other social and scientific bodies and public benefit institutions in order to contribute to the improvement of the quality of the educational services and productivity in the relevant field.
  • Organize scientific lectures, workshops, seminars, symposia, conferences and other scientific events at the invitation of Greek and foreign renowned scientists, to hold lectures and publish in journals and in books in Greece and abroad.
  • Train General and Technical/Vocational Education teachers and inform the general public on issues related to the research activities and objectives of the Laboratory.
  • Develop online and physical communities and fora with the participation of students, teachers, but also any interested party who adopt the objectives of the Laboratory.
  • Provide educational services to individuals and to organizations of any legal form  

Director of the Lab: Denis Vavougios, Professor

Laboratory of Didactic of Physics in Secondary Education (SELar) | Department of Physics | University of Thessaly
3rd km Old National Road Lamia- Athens, 35100 Lamia, Greece
Phone: +30 22310 60232 | Email: dvavou [at]uth[dot]gr | website: